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Hard Maple Epoxy River Table


    • Handmade.
    • Materials: Wood, epoxy, steel, resin, epoxy resin, colored pigments.

      Height: 30 inches

      Width: 42 inches

      Length: 79 inches

Hand crafted using a solid maple live edge slab, this board will be prepped and cut out by hand, filled in with coloured "two tone" epoxy, and sanded & finished with care.

-Choose your color for the epoxy river! If you don't see the color you would like, just message us.

-Choose the dimensions for your table, each piece will vary slightly in size, other sizes & thickness available upon request. Listed prices are based on regular maple, figured maple is available upon request, prices will vary.

-River table comes standard with one large river in running through the middle of the table. A double sided epoxy table can be ordered, prices will vary, please contact me for further information. The size of the epoxy side will vary depending on wood slab size, and will be determined fairly by the creator.

-The live edges are turned inward toward each other, leaving all squared edges on the outer portions of the table is standard.

-Live edges on the outside is available for an additional cost.

-Finished with environmental safe hard hard wax clear matte finish on the wood, and smooth glass finish on the epoxy. The polished epoxy acts very similar to the clear coat on a car, it can be scuffed or scratched over time, but can be repaired by applying a rubbing compound with cloth bonnet. To prevent scratches from cleaning, use an ultra soft cloth to remove dust and fingerprints.

-Maple & Walnut are a VERY solid wood and will last a lifetime. Prices subject to change depending on final wood selection.

-Standard table height is 31", if you would like a different height, please contact me before the purchase. These tables are available in standard dining room table height upon request.

-The table legs will be shipped separately, and would have all necessary hardware installed on the tables, so that they can be fastened on the tables very simply with a few bolts, which we will provide.

*Custom made tables available for order upon request, epoxy color, size, wood selection etc. Pricing is based on using regular maple hardwood, figured Maple is available upon request at an additional cost.

-Shipping in lower 13 Canada provinces , costs may very, shipping outside the Canada is available upon request.