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CUNA craft & design - Custom Epoxy Tables & More

The versatility in applications of this technique is infinite since you can use it in headboards, bars, tables, stools, benches, etc. Since these pieces are made with irregularly cut of the highest quality hardwoods and made entirely by hand, each product must be considered as a unique piece, not reproducible in series, so rest assured that your resin table is a unique piece and a true work of art.

The current trend has focused on rescuing and recycling elements, turning pieces of wood into works of art, resulting in a piece of furniture with characteristics that range from the classic to the modern and the recycled to the spectacular, through the application of epoxy resin. This resin is highly resistant to yellowing, fading and cracking over time, stable to UV radiation and saltpeter. Due to its transparency and variety of pigments that can be used, incredible effects are achieved for your table.

We custom epoxy furniture. These can be made to any dimension you desire from any slab species we have in stock.

Order yours online or shoot us a message to get a quote on a custom table.