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About Us

Alejandro Fages

From an early age Alex started to be familiar with the trade in the cabinetmaker shop of his father in Spain. Alejandro is a handyman. Besides wood, it also works iron and other materials. Alejandro's work is impeccable. He likes architecture and woodworking; a combination that is successfully reflected in the finish of his projects. He attends with infinite patience and kindness to the ideas, suggestions and doubts of the clients and gives himself completely in search of the best solution.

Besides woodworking, he is a passionate cook. Loves music and anthropology and has a deep knowledge in History.He has deep ties with the sea, as he crossed sailing the Atlantic Ocean and sailed many times in the Mediterranean sea. He’d travel around the world.

(Alejandro Fages, owner of CUNA, plans, organizes and crafts the projects in the shop, where the magic happens.)

Carmen Munoz

Passionate about art, reading, the sea and the mountains, this woman created and runs her own company.

“Nature is my means of disconnection. Sit on the sand and let myself be transported by the sound of the sea. Walking through the woods is my balm and I try to do it whenever I can. It is then when ideas arise, in full connection with nature and looking at infinity. It is the good thing about living in such close proximity to the Canadian Rockies.”

She is an enthusiast of the original and innovative lines of design and lifestyle. However, she maintains deep ties to traditional culture and architecture.

“I like to merge wood and metal, our new collection goes a lot in that line, our furniture has to be a reflection of our personality and lifestyle. That is why we create personalized furniture that adapts to the tastes and needs of each one.

(Carmen Munoz, owner and director of CUNA, plans the company's strategy and defines the necessary steps to achieve its objectives.)


After many years restoring and building furniture we create a personal furniture style. Using our natural skills which have evolved into a beautiful artisan furniture.

 All of our furniture is exclusively handmade. Every item is made with passion!

 We love the challenges, and when new ideas are proposed, it gives life to our work and workshop.

We work custom per order adapting our designs to customer needs. Also, whether you have a developed design or just and idea, we can bring your project to life.

We serve individual clients as well as architectural and design firms around the country. Give us a call or stop by the shop to discuss your project and to see the fabrication process in motion!