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    About Us

    Alejandro Fages - A Craftsman with a Vision

    Alejandro, a native of Spain, grew up in the art of woodworking within his father’s cabinetmaker shop. His expertise is not limited to wood; he skillfully works with iron and other materials, ensuring every project benefits from his broad skill set.

    Alejandro’s work is marked by a deep appreciation for architecture and fine woodworking, traits that shine through in the impeccable finish of each piece. His approach to client collaboration is rooted in patience and dedication to finding the best solutions, turning visions into reality. Outside the workshop, Alejandro’s interests are as varied as his skills, ranging from cooking to sailing, underpinned by a profound knowledge of history and a love for the arts.

    Carmen Munoz - The Heart Behind the Art

    Carmen, driven by her passion for art, literature, and the great outdoors, steers our company with a vision that blends originality with a nod to tradition. She believes in the power of design to reflect personality and lifestyle, striving to create furniture that speaks to the individuality of each client. Her leadership not only sets the strategic direction of our company but also infuses our creations with innovation while honoring traditional craftsmanship.

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