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Live Edge Furniture Calgary


What Is Live Edge Furniture?

Live edge furniture, also known as natural edge, is a style where the designer incorporates the natural edge of the wood being used into the design of the piece. Although frequently associated with rustic furniture styles, live edges can used for any designs where the natural beauty of the wood is paramount. With our focus on high quality craftsmanship and wood selections we regularly use live edges in our designs for CUNA Mediterranean Concept clients.

Beautiful Live Edge Furniture Designs Calgary & Okotoks

We've had the pleasure of designing beautiful pieces for our residential and commercial furniture clients in the Calgary area from our Okotoks shop. We craft a variety of live edge furniture items to compliment any room including but not limited to:

  • Live Edge Dining Tables
  • Live Edge Coffee Tables
  • Live Edge Boardroom Tables
  • Live Edge End Tables
  • Live Edge Bed Frames
  • Live Edge Kitchen Islands

View our current live edge furniture collection to see some of our recent designs.

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