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Canadian Black Walnut

Black Walnut is one of the most enjoyed hardwoods for its fine- yet-open grain, unique patterns, and bold dark color.

Dark, handsome, classy, and a downright joy to cut, shape, sand and finish into a wonderful project. We love it!

In order to offer our Black Walnut Serie, we had to go through a difficult but tremendously enriching path, until we reached the Canadian Black Walnut. It could not be otherwise if we wanted to fulfill a passion and a dedication worthy of the tradition we wanted to become part of, and could sit around a table, in which time stopped at a moment of nobility and beauty. We have recovered the techniques that for centuries the artisans used to give life to this wood, traditionally considered the "Queen" of fine wood.

This Serie is composed of exclusive handcrafted pieces, with the possibility of elaborate the product according to your needs.

We offer the chance of making the table of your choice upon request.

Tell us your idea, and we will look for the best slab that suits your needs, and once validated by you, choose the finishes to customize "your table". To the beauty and exclusivity of the Canadian Black Walnut, we will add our fine work to build the table that you have defined, so it will be adapted to your tastes and needs.

In addition to the visual impact of finding in any ambiance, living room or office a piece of beauty and aesthetic impact of our Canadian Black Walnut tables, our customers can choose different finishes on which to walk the touch caress:

Polyurethane acrylic mat varnish finish

It is a very transparent and dull varnish that allows the natural beauty of wood to be transferred. It shows a great hardness at the same time that a pleasant sensation to the touch. It also has a high resistance to yellowing, scratching, wear of chemical agents for domestic use and high temperatures when it contacts with hot objects.

Finish wax plus natural oils

The natural oils penetrate deep into the wood, protecting and hydrating it from the inside, taking out, through the drawing left in the veining, all the splendor, and beauty of the wood. The natural oils are highly repellent to water and dirt, so the maintenance work is reduced to a waxing every two years in which also with a light sanding and subsequent application of the wax, we can easily repair scratched on the wood.

Legs Options

Legs could be made in metal or wood. As well we can make your own design.

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