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Cordoba Dining Table


Eastern Pine 2" Thick Dining Table 72"x 38"

Bench $300 Each

Available in different species, sizes and colours. Please contact.

It is time to enjoy your home, you’re unique, a one-off. Perhaps it is time to create the warm, fresh and special space that you and yours deserve. You have a fascinating work in progress and we're here to help you style your home, your way. We can help you develop it with our handmade furniture.

You can choose the size, colour and materials and even create your own design. Call or email us to talk about your project or to book an appointment one-on-one either at your place or at Rustic Planet Furniture. You can also send us some pictures of your space to get some recommendations, if you wish!

We do not have pine available as we no longer work with softwoods.

Price may vary depending on the type of wood you choose.

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